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Bylaws & Standing Rules

BYLAWS is an official governing document containing rules and / or laws established by an organization or community to regulate itself, as allowed or provided for by some higher authority. The higher authority, generally a legislature or some other government body, establishes the degree of control that the bylaws may exercise. 

Universal Bylaws were implemented in May 2018 and governs all PTAs / PTSAs in Minnesota.

STANDING RULES are the rules an organization uses to administer its affairs under the provision of its bylaws. They set forth the procedures adopted to accomplish specific areas of specific work for each local unit PTA / PTSA. Standing Rules are more flexible than bylaws in their specifics outlined by each unit, but may not contain contradictory wording to the Universal PTA Bylaws.

Units need to perform an annual review and submit to the MNPTA upon initial development of and / or changes to existing Standing Rules.



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Universal PTA Bylaws

Governs all Local PTA Units throughout Minnesota.

(This is a legal document owned by the MNPTA

and can not be altered by local units)

Local Unit Standing Rules


INSTRUCTIONS  use this guide to help you fill in the template

             to meet the needs of your unit

Bylaws & Standing Rules Training Resources

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