Minnesota PTA Convention

“What do I need to know? I’ve never attended a state PTA convention.”

“What does the registration fee cover?” Your registration fee goes to cover the many services and support that Minnesota PTA provides during convention and the rest of the year. Registration cost can be covered by allocating PTA funds in your group for board members and is considered “appropriate use of funds” for the training, networking, and resources you gain by attending the annual convention. Parent Teacher Organizations are not considered PTA members and must pay the non-member price but are welcome to attend. The fee includes technology, swag bags mailed to your home, and support for volunteer work.  The experience gained far exceeds the investment.

“Should I bring anything?” – Bring a pen and paper if you want to write down some of the great ideas you’ll hear about.  Bring an open mind and absorb some new ideas. Bring your ideas and questions to share. Don’t forget to invite a friend! 

Special Notes:  

If your PTA is from a Title I school, is from a district with less than 1,000 students, is less than three years old, or has suffered a pandemic related hardship…consider applying for a full scholarship to attend convention!  Details released prior to the convention date.

The annual Minnesota PTA Convention is an essential gathering for our local PTA units, leaders in education, and a growing support network, all which have the health, education and very best welfare of our many Minnesota children in mind.

During our convention time you will be able to:

We touch on the topics that are important to you and provide you with the resources you need to tackle every issue. (Have a topic of interest for our upcoming convention? Send your ideas, questions, or comments to heathers@mnpta.org)